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With the rising cost of energy, EcoEnergy Insulation can offer advice to home-owners on how to save on their energy needs and make their living environment much more comfortable, not to mention have all the upgrades done at absolutely no cost to the homeowner!

EcoEnergy Insulation are qualified installers of insulation products for your new or existing home. We believe in providing the customer with guaranteed quality service at an economical price, click here to request a free estimate.

Canada ecoENERGY grants for home energy renovatiionsQualify for tax-free Canadian government grants and rebates in Ontario with an ecoENERGY home energy assessment before you begin home improvements. Contact Us Today! Or see our FAQ'S! For more information.

Government Grants

Get tax-free government grants for home energy renovations in Ontario up to $10,000 in Canadian government grants + provincial rebates in Ontario and up to $5,000.

Get up to $10,000 in tax-free federal grants and provincial rebates for new insulation ... and more.